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Pyramids Tour from Hurghada: Discovering Egypt's Amazing Riches

Start your breathtaking and remarkable journey with the pyramids tour from Hurghada and return with the living history of Egypt during your Egypt Day tour. This journey will begin at the picturesque shoreline of the Red Sea and pass through the legendary attraction that has been a charm since Ancient times. Come with us and see all the mysterious Pharaohs and the ancient world of the Pyramids of Giza and The Sphinx and many more all in one single day fun packed tour. Join us for a comprehensive exploration of the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and more, all in one exciting as part of our extensive Egypt tours.
The crowning event of your pyramids tour from Hurghada is the Pyramids of Giza which are always going to leave you dumbstruck. These are the real legends, the remaining complex of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World such as the Great Pyramid of Khufu, which still impresses with their scale and enigmatic aura. Visit these impressive structures and have an understanding of the craftsmanship of the people, who lived thousands of years ago, in ancient Egypt. Enhance your pyramids tour from Hurghada with a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Discover mummies, statues, and other relics that bring Egypt's rich history to life. Hurghada day trips give you access to its distinctive tour of the Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids, and you can also book your trip now.


    • Round transfer with new brand vehicle maximum 8 persons
    • Entrance fees for all the sights mentioned in the program
    • Knowledgeable Egyptologist tour guide
    • Lunch


    • Beverages during lunch
    • Entrance fee for Cheops Pyramid & Khafre Pyramid
    • Tipping


    Wheel chair: Accessible

    • What to Pack?
    • Comfortable shoes and clothes especially in summer
    • Heavy clothe in winter
    • Sunglasses. Hat or Scarf
    • Sun cream in summer

Tour itinerary

  • 1 Pyramids Tour

    02.00 am: Golavita Travel Egypt representative will meet you at the reception of your hotel, and help you to pick your the breakfast boxes you ordered ready one day before. Once, the 8 people maximum in the new vehicle, you will start your way to Cairo.

    06.00 am: Enjoy a short break in a nice lounge called Zaafarana rest house to have your breakfast, use the toilet (10 L.E per person), and have your morning coffee.

    09.30 am: you will start your Cairo day tour on the west bank of the Nile where you will visit the Giza Pyramids of Giza plateau. Start your Pyramids tour with the Great Pyramid of Cheops and listen to your guide to how they changed from Step Pyramid, then Bent Pyramid to True Pyramid. Learn about the history of the Pharaohs of the Old Kingdom and the builders of the Pyramids. If you can, please walk with your guide around the Cheops Pyramid and see the Queen Pyramids, Boat Pits, and the tombs of the Pyramid builders.

    You can also approach Chephren Pyramid to see the two entrances, the Mortuary temple, and the 8 holes believed to support the mummification workshop. Later on, you will go to shoot nice photos from the Panorama of all the Pyramids aligned. End your Hurghada to Pyramids tour with a famous attraction in Cairo, the Valley Temple of Khafre where they perform the Opening of the Mouth on the King’s mummy. 
    Discover the Human head statue and Lion body called the Sphinx and learn more about the Dream stele of Prince Thutmose IV.

    12.00 pm Lunch: Time to know about Egyptian Foods and enjoy your lunch at a typical Egyptian restaurant.

    13.00 pm: The Grand Egyptian Museum replaced the Old Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square for housing the Treasures of the boy King Tutankhamun from his tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor attractions. The treasures include the Mask of King Tut, his golden Sarcophagus, Canopic Jars, His throne, Chariot, His Ka statue, and golden sandals.

    The Museum is home to many more treasures like the silver king treasures from 26th dynasty Psusennes I, Hetepheres, and Cheops’s mother treasures. Moreover, the unique Hanging Obelisk, the massive statues of Ramesses the Great, and the Cheops’s boat. There is a section for the oldest paper in the world, Papyrus, Amarna era including Akhenaten and Nefertiti artifacts, and Ushabti statues. Besides, the beautiful Hathor Chapel from the temple of Mentuhotep II in Deir El Bahari, Luxor. Finally, you can have free time to walk on your own and watch the colors in ancient Egypt, writing tools, the scribe statue, coffin texts, and much more.

    15.00 pm Cairo to Hurghada: Once, you are ready to leave the Museum, you will start your way back to Hurghada with a short break on the way for the toilet or stretching your legs for a while.

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Frequently Asked Title

  • What Is The Average Cost For Hurghada Day Tours?

    With Golavita Travel Egypt you will find the best prices to suit your needs during Egypt tours, our Hurghada day tours offer you amazing tours starting from $15 to 165$.

  • What Activities Are Included in Hurghada Day Tours?

    In your Hurghada excursions, you can enjoy the best experience, you can try a snorkeling tour, scuba diving tour in Hurghada, quad bike tour, or super safari tour.

  • What Are The Best Tours from Hurghada Day Tours?

    Now with Hurghada day tours you can visit different cities in Egypt like Cairo and Luxor, you can find an amazing Cairo trip from Hurghada to explore the Pyramids of Giza and the Grand Egyptian Museum, or you can visit Luxor on 2 days tour to Luxor from Hurghada where you can explore the Valley of the Kings and amazing temples like Karnak temple and Luxor Temple.

  • Is Hurghada Worth Visiting?

    Hurghada is well worth a visit during your Egypt Day tours and you can enjoy all the top attractions in Hurghada like Giftun Island, Orange Bay Island, Mini Egypt Park, and Hurghada Grand Aquarium.

  • What are the best excursions in Hurghada?

    With Golavita Travel you will find the best day tours in Hurghada such as Paradise and Giftun Island tour, and tours to Luxor or Cairo, or if you are searching for snorkeling you should book an Eden Island trip from Hurghada.

  • Is Transportation Included in Hurghada Day Tours?

    Yes, most day tours in Hurghada include round-trip transportation from your hotel to the tour's starting point, we also have Hurghada Airport transfers that will take you to any place from or to Hurghada.

  • What should I wear on a day tour in Hurghada?

    It is recommended to wear comfortable and modest clothing and appropriate footwear for day tours in Hurghada to feel more comfortable during your Hurghada excursions. Sunscreen and a hat are also recommended, as the weather can be hot and sunny.

  • Is it Safe to Take Tour in Hurghada?

    Yes, Hurghada is a popular tourist destination and the tour operators take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their guests. However, it is always recommended to stay with the group and follow your guide's instructions.

  • Are Hurghada day tours available year-round?

    Yes, Hurghada day tours are available year-round, thanks to the region's warm climate. However, some activities may be more enjoyable during certain seasons, so it's worth considering the time of year when planning your tour.

  • What safety measures are in place for water activities in Hurghada?

    Safety is a top priority on all Hurghada tours. Professional guides and instructors are present for all water activities, and safety equipment is provided. Be sure to follow all instructions and guidelines for a safe and enjoyable experience.


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