Dahabiya Nile Cruise

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  • Which is better, a normal cruise or a Dahabiya Nile cruise?

    Dahabiya is the better choice for many people in their Egypt tours, Dahabiya cruises typically have fewer passengers, creating a more personal experience, as well as offering more flexibility in terms of the destinations and activities available.

  • Is the Dahabiya Nile cruise worth it?

    Dahabiya Nile cruise is one of the most incredible experiences that you will have with Egypt Nile cruises tours, and it is worth taking, you can visit Luxor and Aswan with Dahabiya.

  • How much do you tip a Dahabiya Nile cruise?

    On the Dahabiya Nile cruise, you will enjoy the best service, you can tip for around $10 USD per person per night, and you can leave the tip after you finish your tour with Golavita Travel if you want.

  • How long is a Dahabiya Nile river cruise?

    Our Dahabiya boats go between Esna and Aswan on the Nile, sailing back. We provide a selection from 4 to 5 days, and on these days you can visit the best attractions in Luxor and Aswan like the Valley of the Kings, Karnak temple, the High dam, Edfu temple, Kom Ombo, and the Philae temple, you can book 4 Nights Dahabiya Cruise Luxor to Aswan to enjoy all these sites.

  • What types of activities are offered on a Dahabiya Nile Cruise?

    On a Dahabiya Nile Cruise, activities could include cultural performances, traditional Egyptian cuisine, and guided trips to historical places. Some cruises may also provide activities such as yoga, cooking classes, and bird watching.

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