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Dendera and Abydos Day Tour from Luxor
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Booking one day tour to Dendera and Abydos from Luxor is your way to explore two of the best Pharaonic temples with Egypt tours. In fact, one of the best things to do in Luxor is to visit Hathor temple in Dendera. Here, you can have a very good idea about Mammisi and its function in the Greco Roman period. Also, mystical Dendra Zodiac signs on the ceiling of the first Hypostyle Hall and the 14 phases of the Moon.

Your Luxor day tours will take you next to Abydos temple which is a great source of the ancient Egyptian Mythology and ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. The temple was built by Seti I and completed later by Ramesses the great and his son Merenptah. Finally, in your Egypt day tours while you are at Abydos you will visit Ramesses the great temple close to Seti temple. Once, you finish your Tour to Dendera and Abydos from Luxor, you will head back to your hotel in Luxor.


    • Round transfer with private new brand vehicle
    • Expert Egyptologist guide
    • Entrance fee for all the sightseeing
    • Lunches at a local restaurant in Abydos
    • Water during the day


    • Beverages during lunch
    • Tipping


    Wheel chair: Accessible

    What to pack?

    • Hat, Sunglasses & Sun cream
    • Comfortable shoes and clothes

Tour itinerary

  • 1 Dendera Temple - Abydos Temple

    Enjoy your breakfast at your hotel in Luxor then start one of the best things to do in Luxor to some of the top Egypt attractions. The distance between Luxor and Dendera temple is about 70 km takes about one and half hours driving. Your guide will introduce you to ancient Egyptian history and ancient Egyptian Mythology on the way. Upon arrival, you will start your Luxor attractions with the Dendera temple. Discover why Hathor temple at Dendera was a healing place as the heart chakra temple and what rule Isis played in ancient times. Finally, marvel at the only design of Cleopatra VII in Egypt and the resurrection of Osiris before you go back to the car.

    Your next stop will be the Abydos temple in Sohag, the Pilgrimage center of Osiris in ancient times. Discover the ritual of erecting the Djed Pillar in the Osiris Chapel before you go to see the Osireion from outside. Before you head for lunch, you will visit Ramesses the great temple near the Osireion. At the end of the tour, you will enjoy a homemade lunch at a local restaurant before you head back to your hotel in Luxor, and if you are in Hurghada you can book Luxor tours from Hurghada.

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Frequently Asked Title

  • What Makes Luxor Day Tours So Special?

    Luxor, which dates back more than 4500 years, is one of the oldest open-air museums in the world. It was inducted as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979 and is a must-visit location for travelers in their Luxor day tours.

  • What Are The Things To Do In Luxor Day Tours?

    With our Luxor day trips you can find the best things to do in Luxor and the best attractions to visit, you can try the amazing hot air balloon ride in Luxor to see the most famous sites in Luxor like the Valley of the Kings, Temple of Hatshepsut, and Colossi of Memnon.

  • Can I Customize My Luxor Day Tours Itinerary?

    With Golavita Travel you can definitely customize your day tour in Luxor, you can create your own itinerary based on what you need and prefer.

  • What The Average Cost of Luxor Day Tours?

    Luxor day tours offer a wide range of the most amazing sites with the best prices. Our Egypt day tours start from $50 and it depends on the destination that you will visit.

  • What Is The Best Time Of Year To Take Luxor Day Tours?

    The best time to visit Luxor is during the winter months of December through February to enjoy the best weather in Egypt.

  • Is one day tours enough for Luxor?

    On one day in Luxor, you can explore the best attractions of Luxor with Golavita Travel Egypt like the Valley of the Kings, Karnak, and Luxor temple, and the more days you stay the more attractions you will explore.

  • What to pack during Luxor day tours?

    In your Luxor tours from Hurghada, you will need to pack more than sunglasses, shoes, camera, cap, and sunblock, you will need to take some swimwear to enjoy the cooler weather in Luxor day tours.

  • Are there any options for shorter day tours in Luxor?

    Yes, there are some half-day tours available in Luxor that typically last around 2 or 4 hours and may include a visit to one or two of the main attractions like the Sound and Light Show tour in Karnak Temple.

  • Do day tours in Luxor include transportation?

    Yes, most day tours in Luxor include transportation to and from your hotel or a designated meeting point, and you can try our Egypt transfers if you want to transfer to any place in Egypt.

  • Can I customize my Luxor day tours?

    We offer customizable options to make sure that your Luxor day tours will suit your needs and you can customize your tour by Egypt tailor-made, and we also have day tours in Luxor that have a set itinerary and schedule if you want, you can also customize Cairo tours from Hurghada if you were in Hurghada and want to move to other city, you can also book Luxor day tours from Hurghada.

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