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Luxor Trip from Sharm El Sheikh by Plane
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Golavita Travel Egypt's private trip to Luxor from Sharm El Sheikh is designed for those who love privacy and like to explore Luxor attractions on private Egypt tours. Luxor is an extraordinary city rich in history, with Pharaonic temples and Pharaonic tombs, and there is no better way to experience this than on our customized Luxor private trip. Booking this Sharm El Sheikh Day tour to Luxor means you will have a dedicated guide explain to you everything about ancient Egyptian history in private. Your tour included the top tourist attractions in Luxor, such as the Karnak Temple Complex, that you will visit on your Egypt day tours. Discover Luxor's Majesty on a Day Trip from Sharm El Sheikh by visiting the Valley of the Kings, which will be the source of knowledge about Egyptian gods, funerary beliefs, and religious beliefs in ancient Egypt. Similarly, Hatshepsut Temple is about agriculture in ancient Egypt and trade in ancient Egypt. During the Luxor Trip from Sharm El Sheikh, you will also have the chance to explore the Memnon Colossi, which will show you the legends and myths of ancient Egypt and the lives of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.


    • Transfer from your hotel in Sharm El Sheikh to the airport and back
    • Domestic flight from Sharm El Sheikh to Luxor
    • Domestic flight from Luxor to Sharm El Sheikh
    • Round transfer with private new brand vehicle in Luxor
    • Expert Egyptologist guide
    • Entrance fee for all the sightseeing in the program
    • Lunch at a local restaurant
    • Water during the day


    • The three extra tombs in the Valley of the Kings
    • KV9 – Ramesses V, Ramesses VI tomb EGP 150 per person (5.5$)
    • KV17 – Seti I EGP 1400 per person (76$)
    • KV62 -Tutankhamun EGP 360 per person (16$)
    • Tipping
    • Beverages during lunch


    • What to take with you?
    • Your Passport
    • Hat, Sunglasses & Sun cream
    • Comfortable shoes and clothes

Tour itinerary

  • 1 Day Attractions in Luxor

    04.45 am Hotel Pick up: On the agreed time, our representative will meet you at the hotel lobby to transfer you to Sharm El Sheikh airport.

    06.00 am Take off to Luxor from Sharm El Sheikh: Your flight will take off at 06.00 am from Sharm airport to Luxor. The distance is about 410 km and it takes 50 minuets to be in Luxor.

    07.15 am Meet your guide at Luxor airport: Your Egyptologist guide will be waiting for you in front of the exit of Luxor airport with your name on a sign. Once, you meet with him, you will start your guided tour to Luxor attractions.

    08.15 am Luxor west bank: You will start your Luxor day tours from the west bank of the Nile River where you can see the top of Luxor attractions such as Valley of the Kings, Valley of Nobles, Valley of the Queens, Habu temple, Ramesseum, and Memnon Colossi. Actually, you will start your day with the second most visited place in Egypt after the Great Pyramids, Valley of the Kings.

    08.30 pm Valley of the Kings: The Valley of the Kings is one of the best things to do in Egypt and Kings Valley has 63 tombs (now more) contained one day the funerary objects, mummies, treasures, coffins, and papyri of the Pharaohs. In fact, Valley of the Kings has the tomb of King Tutankhamun discovered intact in 1922 by Howard Carter. Meanwhile, with your entrance ticket, you can visit 3 tombs and you can shoot photos inside for free. These three tombs could be 3 of the following tombs:

    • (KV 02) Rameses IV
    • Tomb of Ramses III (KV 11)
    • Ramses IX Tomb KV 6
    • Merenptah tomb (KV 8)
    • The tomb of Tausert and Setnakht (KV 14)

    10.30 am Hatshepsut temple: Your next stop will be the Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut in Deir El Bahari built by the famous Senmut for the god Amun. Indeed, you will start your visit walk the avenue of Sphinxes in front of the temple and look at the only two restorated statues for Hatshepsut. Once, you are on the second terrace, discover Hathor Chapel, Punt Expedition, Anubis Chapel, and the Divine Birth story of the Queen. The entrance is decorated with two figures of Hatshepsut with the White Crown and Red Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. At the end of your tour to the temple, you will proceed to your next stop.

    11.45 am Memnon Colossi: your last stop on Luxor west bank will be the Colossi of Memnon once decorated the entrance of the Mortuary temple of Amenhotep III. Learn about the Myth behind the name and the mummification in ancient Egypt took place in that temple.

    12.15 pm Lunch: enjoy your freshly cooked lunch at a local restaurant with the possibility of vegetarian meals.

    13.30 pm Banana Island (against charge): You can enjoy a 45 minuets short Nile Cruise with Egypt Nile Cruises tour to visit the Banana Island to see all kind of trees especially bananas and in the same time you will be offered fresh fruit beside banana such as water melon, dates, orange depending on the season.

    14.45 Karnak temple: End your Luxor trip from Sharm El Sheikh with the Karnak temple, the biggest temple in the world. Your guide will open his mines of information and explain to you about ancient Egyptian civilization, and ancient Egyptian history during the New Kingdom. Also, Karnak is one of the main sources about Festivals in ancient Egypt especially Opet Festivals. At the end of your tour, your guide will drive you back to Luxor airport to take your flight back to Sharm El Sheikh. Upon, arrival, you will transfer to your hotel.

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Frequently Asked Title

  • Can You Do A Day Trip From Sharm El Sheikh?

    With our amazing Egypt tours, you can go on Sharm El Sheikh day tours, and you can take a day tour from Sharm El Sheikh to the famous Colored Canyon, Blue Hole, and Dahab with the best prices.

  • What Tours Are There In Sharm El Sheikh?

    You can find a lot of Sharm el Sheikh day trips in our Egypt day tours, you will visit the top attractions in Cairo like the Giza Pyramids, and the Grand Egyptian Museum in tour to Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh, you can also explore the top sites in Luxor with our Luxor trip from Sharm El Sheikh.

  • What Activities Are Included In Sharm El Sheikh Day Tours?

    During Sharm El Sheikh excursions you can find the best activities, you can take adventure in the desert or go to amazing water spots where you can enjoy snorkeling and see different kinds of fish.

  • How Many Days Are Enough For Sharm El Sheikh Day Tours?

    If you book Sharm El Sheikh day tours you can spend one or two days in Sharm El Sheikh, also spending 3 to 4 days in Sharm El Sheikh will be a good option to discover more attractions in Sharm El Sheikh.

  • What Is Sharm El Sheikh Day Tours Best Known For?

    Sharm El Sheikh city has clear water and extensive coral reefs that you can explore during Sharm El Sheikh day trips, our Sharm El Sheikh tours will provide the chance for all our explorers to travel back in time and explore all the attractions such as the Pyramids of Giza, Khan El Khalili Bazaar, Hatshepsut temple, the valley of the kings, Karnak temples, Edfu Temple, and Kom Ombo Temple.

  • Can you go on a day tour to Mount Sinai from Sharm El Sheikh?

    Indeed, day trips to Mount Sinai, the site where Moses is thought to have received the Ten Commandments, are offered from Sharm El Sheikh day tours.

  • Are there any day tours for families in Sharm El Sheikh?

    Yes, Sharm El Sheikh offers a number of family-friendly day trips, including a glass-bottom boat ride, a trip to a water park, and a visit to a Bedouin village where kids can ride camels and discover more about their culture during Egypt day tours.

  • Are meals included in day tours in Sharm El Sheikh?

    The specific tour with Golavita Travel Egypt will decide this. While some trips may include dinner, others would only allow you to buy food at specific places. It is recommended that you confirm with our tour company ahead of time.

  • Can I customize my day tour in Sharm El Sheikh?

    Yes, a lot of Egypt tours in Sharm El Sheikh provide fully customizable day excursions that let you select the locations and activities you want to include.

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