Day Trip to Dendera and Abydos from Safaga Port

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Day Trip to Dendera and Abydos from Safaga Port
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Booking day trip to Dendera and Abydos from Safaga Port with Egypt tours. Actually, Abydos temple has a very important source for the Egyptian Pharaohs called Kings List. In fact, Abydos temple if a pharaonic temple built by king Seti I, and it was completed by Ramesses II, and Merenptah. These shrines are dedicated to Osiris, Isis, Horus, Amon Ra, Ra Hor Akhty, Ptah, and Seti I as God. Once you finish Abydos temple in your Safaga shore trips, you will enjoy a home-made lunch in a local restaurant before you head to Dendera temple. The temple of Dendera is a very unique temple in Egypt as it is Pharaonic temple built in the Ptolemaic Period. Meanwhile, the temple Sanatorium gives us good idea about medicine in ancient Egypt and the healing process. In the main time, Dendera temple include two of the most important Festivals in ancient Egypt. Finally, Golavita Travel Egypt offers this Egypt shore excursions to some of the major tourist attractions in Egypt with modern new brand vehicle. Also, dedicated Egyptologist to answer all your questions and show you the gems of Dendera and Abydos temples.


    Round transfer with private new brand vehicle
    Expert Egyptologist guide
    Entrance fee for Dendera temple – Abydos temple
    Quality lunch at Abydos
    Water during the day


    Dendera temple roof ticket
    Dendera temple Crypts


    What to take with you?
    Hat, Sunglasses & Sun cream
    Comfortable shoes and clothes

Tour itinerary

  • 1 Abydos - Dendera

    You Egyptologist tour guide will meet you by the exit of Safaga port to start your Safaga shore excursions to two of the best tourist attractions Pharaonic temples. The distance between Safaga and Abydos is about 275km takes around four and half hours driving. On the way, you will have a coffee break to use the toilet, spread your legs and have a morning coffee if you like. Your first stop in your Egypt day tours, will be Abydos temple in Sohag Governorate on the west bank of the Nile River. Abydos temple was Seti I and it is dedicated to Amun-Re. While, the temple does not look so big from outside but its magical from inside.

    Lunch Meal: Enjoy your lunch meals in a local restaurant behind Abydos temple once you finish your visit to Ramesses the great temple.

    After lunch, you will head to the Dendera temple. Dendera is an amazing temple with amazing reliefs show how ancient Egyptian craftsmen were so gifted and clever. Explore the two sphinxes, Gate of Domitian and Trajan with the beautiful scenes, winged scarab and the key of life. In fact, Dendera temple has two Mammisi, Nilometer, Sacred Lake, Sanatorium, and the only relief in Egypt for Cleopatra VII and her son Caesarion with Julius Caesar. Once you tour Dendera temple and have some free time by your own, you guide will join you back to Safaga Port.

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Frequently Asked Title

  • What Are The Best Shore Excursions from Safaga?

    With our Egypt tours, you will find the best tours from Safaga, you can spend an amazing time during Safaga shore excursions in the city you choose, if you like to visit Luxor then a day trip to Luxor from Safaga Port will be the best choice for you, we also provide amazing tours from Safaga to Cairo such as 2 days Cairo tour from Safaga.

  • What Can I Visit from Safaga Port Trips?

    During your Egypt shore excursions you can visit amazing attractions all over Egypt, in Luxor you can explore the Karnak temples complex, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut temple, and Memnon Colossi. If you are searching to discover the top sites in Cairo, Safaga port trips will take you to visit the Egyptian Museum, the Giza Pyramids, the Hanging Church, and Khan El Khalili.

  • What is the Best Time to Book Safaga Shore Excursions?

    The best time to book Safaga shore excursions with Golavita Travel is during the cooler months, from late autumn to early spring (October to April).

  • How Can I Book Tours from Safaga Port?

    It's easy to book tours from Safaga Port with Golavita Travel, you will choose the tour that you like or you can customize your own tour and put your name, your phone number, your mail, and your tour date, if you find it not easy, you can contact with us and we will happily answer you.

  • What should I wear for tours from Safaga Port?

    During your tour in Egypt, you can dress comfortably and modestly, lightweight, breathable clothing is advisable and if you are in a religious place you should cover your knees and shoulders.

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