Giza and Cairo Attractions Tour from Alexandria Port

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Giza and Cairo Attractions Tour from Alexandria Port
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Enjoy our Giza and Cairo attractions tour from Alexandria Port where you can visit the Giza Pyramids and Grand Egyptian Museum with Egypt tours. Golavita Travel offers you a unique chance to explore these wonders in private with an expert tour guide and private A/C vehicle. During this Egypt shore excursion, you will learn about ancient Egyptian history and ancient Egyptian Civilization. Moreover, you will witness the Great Pyramid of Cheops, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure. Besides, the tombs of the Pyramid builders and small Queen Pyramids. Also, in our Alexandria port trips you will visit the Mummification temple and the Great Sphinx. If you are interested, your guide will explain to you the spiritual meaning of the Pyramids and the connection between the Pyramids and Crown Chakra and the Sphinx and the Third Eye Chakra.


    • Round transfer with modern A/C vehicle
    • Entrance fee for all the sightseeing
    • Expert Egyptologist guide
    • Lunch at a local restaurant


    • Beverages during lunch
    • The entrance fee for any of the Pyramids
    • Tipping


    • Pickup & Drop Off: Alexandria
    • Wheelchair: Accessible

    Tour Highlights

    • Grand Egyptian Museum
    • Giza Pyramids Complex
    • Tombs of Pyramid builders
    • Great Sphinx
    • Valley temple

    What to pack?

    • Hat, Sunglasses & Sun cream
    • Comfortable shoes and clothes
    • Warm clothes in winter

Tour itinerary

  • Day 1 Giza Pyramids and Grand Egyptian Museum

    At Alexandria Port, your Egyptologist guide will be waiting to begin your full-day shore excursions to Cairo, complete with your name displayed on a sign. Driving the 220 kilometers between Alexandria and Cairo takes roughly three hours. You will travel by Wadi El Natrun, the source of some mummification workers for the ancient Egyptians. One of the ancient seven wonders of the world, the Giza Pyramids, will be the first stop on your Cairo day tours after you arrive.

    Giza Pyramids Complex

    Start with the Giza Pyramids complex on the Giza plateau Giza is one of the most iconic archaeological sites in the world. Besides, the famous Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Menkaure include several smaller Queen pyramids, causeways, and mastabas.

    The Great Pyramid

    The largest pyramid in Egypt, the Cheops Pyramid, also known as the Great Pyramid, is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Standing at 146 meters at first, it is currently 137 meters tall, with its summit facing the largest Orion Belt constellation. From a spiritual perspective, it is crucial since it symbolizes the crown chakra. Many tombs belonging to the builders who collaborated in the Pyramids' construction were discovered in and around them.

    The Great Sphinx

    A massive sculpture featuring the head of a pharaoh and the body of a lion carved from a single block of limestone. With certain compartments inside its body, the statue is 20 meters high and 73 meters long. It has been suggested that the Sphinx is linked to both the astral portals and the third eye chakra.

    Lunch: Lunch will be taken at a local restaurant in the area.

    Grand Egyptian Museum

    Your next stop will be the Grand Egyptian Museum near Giza Pyramids. It is considered one of the largest archaeological museums in the world. Explore the Predynastic to Greco-Roman eras of ancient Egyptian history at the Grand Egyptian Museum. Indeed, a broad variety of subjects will be covered by the Egyptian artifacts in the museum, including papyri, textiles, mummies, sarcophagi, everyday things, and ancient Egyptian sculpture. Additionally, items from Tutankhamun treasures, the Silver Kings, will be on exhibit that have never been seen before. We will return you to Alexandria Port by car after your Alexandria shore excursions to Cairo.

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Frequently Asked Title

  • What is the best time for Alexandria Shore Excursions?

    The best time to book Alexandria port trips with Egypt tours is summer (June to September) and autumn (October to November) when the weather is cooler.

  • What are the popular tours in Alexandria Port Trips?

    You will find a lot of tours that will suit your needs during Egypt shore excursions, if you want to discover Alexandria you can book our Alexandria sights tour from Alexandria Port, in this tour you will visit the Catacomb of Kom El Shoqafa, Alexandria Library, the lighthouse and more. Alexandria Port trips also provide tours to other cities besides Alexandria like Giza and Cairo tour from Alexandria Port to explore the top attractions in Cairo and Giza with Golavita Travel Egypt.

  • How can I book an Alexandria Shore Excursion?

    You can easily book Alexandria port trips with the best prices, you have many ways to go with Alexandria port trips, the first way is to contact us and we will help you, the second way, is you can open any tour on Alexandria shore excursions and type your name, e-mail, phone, tour date and the number of adults and Childs.

  • Are there any activities included in Alexandria Shore Excursions?

    With Golavita Travel you will find many activities to enjoy during Alexandria port trips, you can go on our tours and you will do a lot of activities in any place you visit.

  • What are the top attractions to visit from Alexandria port trips?

    In Port trips from Alexandria, you will explore the best attractions in the Egyptian cities like the Giza Pyramids, Grand Egyptian Museum, Rosetta National Museum, and Greco-Roman Museum, you can also visit many churches like Monastery of the Romans, Monastery of St. Pshoi, St. Macarius Monastery, and Monastery of Syrians during the Wadi El Natrun Tour from Alexandria Port.

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