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Book this 4 Days Cairo and White desert cheap Egypt holiday is a perfect way to experience the best Egypt tours has to offer. You will experience Giza tourist attractions like Giza Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, Queens Pyramids, tombs of the Pyramid builders, and the Valley temple. In your Egypt travel packages you will see the treasures of Tutankhamun found in his tomb in the Valley of the Kings Luxor. Then, you will experience your negotiation skills in the biggest Bazaar in Cairo Khan El Khalili.

In addition to the first Pyramid in Egypt, the Step Pyramid of Djoser, and the first Pyramid contain the Pyramid texts. On the other hand, you will know a lot about daily life from princess Idut tomb. With this in mind. Also, the function of the false door, and the meaning of the Blue Lotus. Finally, this Egypt budget packages included all accommodation, transportation, knowledgeable Egyptologist tour guide, and new brand vehicles to ensure you get the best of your Egypt tours.


    • Meet and assist at Cairo airport
    • Round transfer with air-conditioned vehicle
    • Knowledgeable Egyptologist tour guide
    • 3 Nights’ Accommodation at a 4**** Hotel in Cairo 
    • Entrance fees to all the places in the itinerary
    • Private A.C vehicle during all transfers
    • All Service Charges and Taxes


    • Entrance fee for any of the Pyramids from inside
    • Saqqara Serapeum
    • Tipping
    • These prices do not Apply during Peak Seasons Like Xmas Tours, New Year tours, and during Egypt Easter Tours.

Tour itinerary

1 Cairo

Golavita Travel Egypt representative will greet and assist you through immigration and customs formalities at Cairo airport. Once you are ready, your guide will join you in our modern new brand vehicle to start your tour to Cairo attractions. In case if your plane if early and you will have time, your guide will join you in a guided tour to the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir square. Here, you will learn about ancient Egyptian history and ancient Egyptian civilization.

Lunch: Enjoy a freshly cooked lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch, you will join your guide to have smooth check-in at your hotel.

Meals: Lunch, dinner

2 Saqqara Pyramids

After having your hearty breakfast at the hotel, you will join your Egyptologist guide for a full day guided tour to Giza attractions.

Saqqara Step Pyramid Complex

You will start your day from the cemetery of the oldest capital of the united Egypt, Saqqara (Sakkara). Saqqara cemetery was used from the Old Kingdom till the Late Period and it is home to many Pharaonic Pyramids and Pharaonic tombs. Actually, Saqqara has about 14 Pyramids, Serapeum, a lot of Pharaonic tombs especially Mereroka tomb and Kagemni tomb. 

Unas Pyramid

Unas Pyramid in Saqqara dates back to the fifth dynasty, Old Kingdom and it is one of the smallest and most beautiful Pyramids in Egypt. The Pyramid is about 43 m in height and it was built by the last king of the 5th dynasty. Fortunately, Unas Pyramid is the first Pyramid to be covered from inside with the Pyramid Texts. In fact, these spells will be known later in the middle kingdom as Coffin Texts and in the New Kingdom as the Book of Dead. This Pyramid has long Causeway, ruins of Mortuary temple and it was built between Sekhemkhet and Djoser complexes.

Djoser Step Pyramid complex

The Step Pyramid of Djoser is the first stone structure in the world and it date back to the third dynasty. Djoser's vizier, Imhotep built this complex for his Pharoah with six mastabas or layers above ground and a series of tunnels below. Indeed, the Pyramid was in a very bad condition but conservation efforts saved the Pyramid between 2006 and 2020.

Actually, the complex offers a lot to see such as the Southern tomb, House of South, House of North, Serdab, and the Heb Sed Festival court.

Princess Idut tomb

One of the most beautiful tombs in Saqqara to the north of the old capital Memphis and was discovered in 1920. The tomb was for somebody called Ihy but princess Idut managed to take it fort herself. In fact, the tomb full of daily life scenes like fishing scenes with fishing boats, fishing nets and spears. Also, we can see Hippos fighting together, butchers slaughtering an ox, and a farmer bringing in a steer. Another beautiful scene for the farmers crossing the river with a row of horned bulls and mooing cows. Besides, an amazing scene for a female hippo giving birth and a crocodile lurks behind with open jaws waiting to devour the newly born baby. Lastly, the tomb has a very beautiful False Door and offerings table.

 Lunch Meal

The lunch will be in a very nice restaurant by the exit of Saqqara between palm trees with folkloric music. 

Giza Pyramids

After you finish your tour to Saqqara area, you will head to Giza plateau to see the famous Giza Pyramids for Cheops, Chephren, and Menkaure. Your tour to Giza Pyramids will show you the architecture in ancient Egypt and ancient Egyptian history during the fourth dynasty. During your tour, you can enter the Great Pyramid of Cheops, one of the Queens Pyramids, and you can see the boat pits.

The Great Sphinx and the Valley temple

The Valley temple is the place where they practiced mummification and Opening of the Mouth rituals. Also, it is where Chephren statue in the Egyptian Museum was found. You can reach the Great Sphinx through the Valley temple to see the biggest statue in the world from one piece of stone. Listen to your guide about the story of the human head statue and lion body and the possibility of another female sphinx according to the Dream Stele.

At the end of your day, you will go back to your hotel for overnight.


Breakfast, lunch

3 Cairo Top Sites

Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel then start your Cairo day tour to Cairo attractions including

The Citadel of Saladin

This Cairo tourist attraction was built by Saladin in 1176 AD on the highest point between the Nile River and Moqattam Hills. While, Ayyubid Dynasty, Mamluks Dynasty, and Ottoman Dynasty used it as a seat of the government for about 700 years. Later on, Khedive Ismail moved the seat of government from the Citadel to Abdeen Palace.

If you have time, there are a lot to see such as the Military Museum, Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qalaun Mosque, Mosque of Sulayman Pasha.

Alabaster Mosque 

One of the best things to do in Cairo is to visit the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali. Mohamed Ali mosque best known for the two minarets, the huge Clock, two pulpits, Mausoleum, Ablution fountain, and the big dome.

El Moez Street

The longest and the most beautiful street before the modern Cairo. It is located near Khan El Khalili and between two gates of Old Cairo Bab El Fotouh and Bab Zuweila. Here, you can see monuments from all the Islamic Periods starting with Fatimid era, Ayyubid era, Mamelukes era, and then Ottoman era. Among the amazing sightseeing you can see here is Al-Muayyada Mosque, Al-Akmar Mosque, Al-ghuri Complex, Sultan Kalaun Mosque, Mosque of Khalif Hakim, and Madrasah of Sultan Al-Ashraf Barsbai.

Khan El Khalili Bazaar

In the heart of Cairo and is the most famous Bazaar in Cairo where you can find new, old and everything you can imagine. Also, you are few steps far from El Moez street where you can admire every single inch there.

At the end of your Cairo day tours, you will go back to your hotel.


Breakfast, lunch

4 Final Departure

Enjoy your last breakfast at the hotel and according to your plane time, we will transfer you to Cairo airport for your final departure.

Meals: breakfast

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Frequently Asked Title

  • What Are the Average Costs For Egypt Budget Tours?

    Our tour packages are budget-friendly for travelers who like to travel on a budget, Egypt budget tours with Golavita Travel start from $200, and you can spend around $20 in a day.

  • What Are The Most Recommended Egypt Budget Tours?

    Discover a wide range of cheap Egypt tour options that will transport you to some of the most well-known locations, including Luxor and Cairo. You can visit the top sites of Egypt in 9 days cheap tour to Egypt attractions.

  • How Much are the Budget Tours in Egypt?

    Our average cost for budget tours will suit your budget, if you want to book a 9 days tour from Cairo to Aswan, it will cost around $700. On this tour, you will enjoy top sites like Giza Pyramids, Karnak Temple, Alexandria Library, and Edfu Temple.

  • Can You Travel to Egypt on a Budget?

    Yes, you can travel to Egypt on a budget with Golavita Travel, Egypt is still surprisingly good for budget travelers who love to take adventures and visit new places with the best prices.

  • What Is the Best Time to Spend A Budget Tour in Egypt?

    The best time to go to Egypt, if you are on a budget, is right in the middle of summer (July - September). This is the tourism low season where you can find budget prices on it.

  • What Are Some Popular Destinations Included in a Budget Tour to Egypt?

    Some popular destinations included in a budget tour to Egypt are the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings, and the temples of Luxor and Karnak. If you want to relax on the Red Sea during Budget Egypt tours you will find amazing islands in Hurghada like Giftun, Orange Bay, Paradise, and Edan.

  • Are There Any Hidden Costs to Be Aware Of When Booking a Egypt Budget Tours?

    It is important to carefully read the tour itinerary and ask the tour operator about any additional fees or costs that may not be included in the package during Egypt tours, such as entrance fees to certain sites or optional activities.

  • Is It Possible to Customize a Budget Egypt Packages?

    Yes you can customize your own budget tour in Egypt to fit your specific needs and preferences in your Egypt travel packages.

  • Are Flights Included in a Budget Egypt Package?

    Flights are usually not included in a budget Egypt package, but some packages may offer the option to add on flights for an additional cost, and if you want to book a flight, our Egypt Transfer will be a great choice for you.

  • Are There Any Recommended Budget Tour Companies for Egypt?

    There are a lot of recommended budget tour companies for Egypt like Golavita Travel Egypt. It is important to research and compare different tour companies to find the best fit for your budget and travel preferences.

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